Listen. Think. Understand. is the brainchild of Kedar Karandikar.

Kedar is a an ADR Group Accredited Mediator (Civil and Commercial, Family, Workplace and Online Mediation) who is involved in the delivery of high quality mediation services.



Kedar helps Parties in Mediation to develop their insight, so that they can fashion and articulate solutions and strategies in complex challenges.

Kedar is a flexible team based Mediator who is able to cross boundaries, speak the language of the boardroom and communicate in a highly tailored, customised and personalised way. He has a wealth of experience at national and regional commercial Law firms in the North of England.

Kedar’s qualities include creativity, sense of humour, respect and confidence. His skills include intelligence, innovation and knowledge.


As a Solicitor-Advocate (Higher Courts Civil Proceedings) with a strong litigation background in personal injury claims, Kedar has acted for insurers, claims handling agents and loss adjusters as well as for Claimants with minor to spinal cord injuries. His experience includes liability, quantum and indemnity claims arising from road traffic accidents, employers’ liability and public liability disputes.

Kedar has a range of practical advocacy experience, having conducted advocacy at contested interim applications, case management hearings, costs case management conferences and inquests. He has also supervised and build morale through sharing experiences, conducted technical and quality audits and produced and delivered training seminars.